Our brands are designed to offer high production material at the lowest possible cost. The products are machined with precision in high quality steel, to then be heat treated ensuring strength and durability.


Pewag is a leader in the supply of adequate chains for tire protection, including even the largest machines in the world. Large-scale mining operations led by renowned international corporations choose Pewag as their reliable and innovative partner for the protection of their tires.

Whether in tunnel construction, surface construction or extraction at depths of 4785 meters, Pewag tire protection chains help keep your operations running.


Shotcrete is a company specialized in concrete launchers and accessories for launch.

Shotcrete Technologies has been providing quality products and services to the industry since 1979.

With Shotcrete we provide an integral service from the beginning of the project, -even before starting the launch of concrete- until the end, ensuring the best cost per cubic meter launched.

Its process-oriented approach includes working with the project specifications, which includes the design of the mix and the logistics in the handling of mixing materials.

As an innovative leader in the industry, Shotcrete Technologies offers a line of high quality products, including:

Full-thrown nozzle: used both in the manual launch and in the launch with robotic arm produces a "venturi" effect that generates an enveloping effect in the concrete. This translates into better spraying and throwing at greater distances.

Robotic Arm: This innovative launch arm with remote control, can be used in tunnels, meters and other applications, and can be mounted on multiple platforms. Allows casting concrete right after blasting, keeping the operator safe while doing a better job.

Accelerated concrete accelerators: This non-caustic accelerator liquid has a proven track record. With doses of between two and five percent by weight of cement, the accelerator decreases the rebound to 10 percent or less and allows the launcher to place thicker layers.
ST- ÁLCALI Free Accelerator: Provides extreme maneuverability. When your casting project demands high thicknesses with super adhesion on the first pass (between 5 and 6 "), the ST-Alcali Free is number one. This homogeneous liquid accelerator mixes easily and completely. It requires low doses and is also compatible with virtually all types of cement.

"In addition to these products for concrete launching, Shotcrete Technologies professionals have a deep knowledge of the other products used in the industry to help select the best combination of pumps, fibers, plasticizers, retardants, accelerators, etc. Therefore, regardless of the product you choose, we know how to make the most of all the tools for your specific project. "

Roads and railway tunnels
The mining operations
Stabilization of slopes
Foundations of buildings
The hydroelectric projects
Coating channels
The rehabilitation of the bridge
Repair and Restoration of concrete
Mass transportation
Parking lots


SOV (Shanghai Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd) is a manufacturer committed to the design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders with capacity from 10 to 1,000 tons, hydraulic synchronous PLC systems, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic torque wrenches, electric wrenches and hydraulic components and tool hydraulic in general.

Since its creation in 1995, the company has successfully transformed, starting as an OEM manufacturer for Enerpac and Titan until the creation of its own SOV brand. The factory has CE certification, ISO9001: since 2008 consecutively. SOV

SOV manufactures tools such as:

Hydraulic cylinders, (5 - 1000ton), single and double action, hollow piston;
Hydraulic and electric pneumatic torque wrenches (100 - 72000Nm);
Hydraulic bolt tensioner (100-11486NM); hydraulic extractors (5-100 ton)
Hydraulic pumps, manual and electric type (max up to 3000bar);
Solutions of integrated hydraulic lifting systems (4-72 points of the system for home translation or leveling, support bridge and support for lifting tank welding).
SOV products have been widely used in the industrial field, as well as in steel plants, cement industry, chemical and refinery, bridges, railway construction and general maintenance.


Stonex is an Italian multinational company, specialized in the design and manufacture of high precision topographic instruments for different applications such as civil engineering, topography, security, transport and mining.

The company has operations throughout the world (today the brand Stonex products are used in more than 80 countries).

Total stations
Echo sounder
Laser Scanner


TellhowSci-Tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, created by Tsinghua University and Jiangxi Province in Nanchang, China.

Its products are classified as:

Generating sets of land / sea ranging from 250 KW to 2,000 KW and alternators ranging from 10 KW to 2,000 KW.
Intellectualized diesel generator sets, towing generator sets, and generators for soundproof generators sets ranging from 1 KW to 5,000 KW.
All the products are widely used in factories, mines, buildings, telecommunications, constructions, ships, oil fields, railways and roads, all the

Additionally, Tellhow is able to supply the main equipment and accessories for hydraulic power generating plants and Diesel power plants.

Tellhow has carried out some well-known EPC power plant projects both in the Chinese market and in international markets, such as Jordan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, among others.

TellhowSci-Tech Co., Ltd is certified with ISO14002: 2004, GB / T28001-2001 and ISO9001: 2000 standards. It has different certificates and recognitions, such as the Stamford Authorized Certificate of Appointment of OEM for the product of the Stanford generators, the OEM Certification of the Lovol moro by Tianjin LovolEngines Company, the Perkins OEM Associate Certificate, the EUROCERT Compliance Certificate, among others.


Unlike a rotary laser, ZIPLEVEL ® allows you to truly work alone, quickly and easily, and read elevations directly digitally.

Avoid rods, tripods, sensors, lines of sight, errors with distance, factory calibration or tedious calculations.
Now it can be measured at any distance or elevation in the earth, from the thickness of a sheet of paper to the height of a mountain without the errors induced by tabulation or calculations.
Reduce costs and increase profits, whether you are supplementing or replacing a laser.

Provide an excellent service is our goal